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Artistically Iris
About Iris

Many people like to know about the artist and ideas behind the art they see and buy. Here is where you can get the scoop on that and more.

Upcoming & Ongoing Exhibitions

None Upcoming

Past Exhibits, Sales & Shows

whatever tickles me to create - as MsNovemberTuesday - Feb/06 to current date
design & fabrication - custom design
Barbara @ - July & Aug/06
design & fabrication pendants - custom
GypsySkyes - May/06
Painting & Multimedia Work
School of Ideas Gallery - Welland, ON - Apr/04
School of Ideas Gallery - Welland, ON - Apr/03
OOAK / modified dolls
My Favorite Doll, Mississauga, ON - Nov/01 to Feb/02
Pet creations, Glassworks, Multimedia jewelry and accessories 
Crafters Marketplace - throughout Ontario - July/97 to Jan/01
Pet creations
Place Settings - Mississauga, ON - Oct/94 and Dec/97
Multimedia jewelry and accessories
Mice of Middleton Marsh - Mississauga, ON - Oct/94
Pet creations and multimedia jewelry
Classic Pets - Mississauga, ON - Jan/94
Multimedia jewelry and accessories
True Places - Mississauga, ON - Nov/93 to Sept/94

Artists Statement

What is art?
Many things to many people.
One of the common threads that runs through all art is emotion. Love. Hate. Anger. Joy. Fear. Enlightenment. Sophisticated or childlike depending on the creator. Art in its purest form is a true expression of a person and the way they see and fit into society. Art is an integral part of expression and understanding and like any other emotion can be felt and expressed in many ways.
My art, like me, is multifaceted, multidimentional using varied medias to create wearable as well as decorative pieces. I cannot focus on one means of expresion as I feel art like life is varied and everchanging and needs alternate methods of showing itself.
Does my work really need me to speak for it? No, I believe it speaks well enough for itself. Look at it, does it speak to you. Does it make you wonder why or how? Art should cause you to think not require thought. Art should provoke an emotion. If it doesn't leave you feeling something, even amusement, perhaps its not the right one for you.
So on that note, take a moment or two and just enjoy the action of looking around. Should you find my pieces have provoked you or spoken to you, even better.

Artist Bio

It has been said that I was born with crayons in hand.
Since my early years I have had some kind of artistic creations in the works. Perfumes. OOAK/Modifying dolls. Beadwork. Making clothes. Graphic Art. Cartooning. Poetry. Writing. Painting. Claying. Pet creations. Glassworks. Not all have been pure art forms but all have involved it in some way. Though never formally trained, perhaps it has just been my own quirky take on things and the belief that there is room in all of life for art.
My art began as I did, in the Canadian Maritimes with the support and inspiration of strong women and wondrously kind men. Each nurtured me in different ways but all were valuable sources. My aunt Velma, a kindrid soul if ever there were one. My nanny (grandmother Harnish), a tough bird with a heart of gold. My mother, who believed in relying on yourself. My uncle Richard, who could always make you smile. These people never gave up on me even when I had, and the lessons they taught me continue in the wondrous people I surround myself with today.  Currently I reside and work in the historical Hamilton Ontario area. I share space with a motley crew of two dogs that think they are cats, 2 quiet rats, 1 neurotic dog, some things that go bump in the night and a young son with an old soul.

All artworks contained on this site are copyrighted properity of the artist. Do not reproduce or use without proper authority.

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